Inside the Sustainable Naturacell® Process

Naturacell® begins as Cellulose. Cellulose production is a sustainable process that uses trees or cotton grown and harvested specifically for this purpose.

Among the environmental benefits of the process:

  • The trees absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen through photosynthesis.
  • Very little is wasted during Cellulose conversion, with the bark of the trees used for fuel.

Watch our video for a closer look at how we turn Cellulose into Naturacell—a sustainable polymer that’s ideal for a wide variety of green-minded products.

Processing & Secondary Operations

It’s Easy to Make Naturacell® Part of Your Product

Naturacell® isn’t just better for the environment. It’s better for your business, too:

  • No special tooling
  • No capital investments
  • No processing headaches
  • No learning curve

Plastics manufacturers can get started with Naturacell today. It can be processed via injection molding, extrusion and vacuum/thermoforming. It’s also well suited for secondary fabrication including solvent polishing, cutting, cementing, drilling, vacuum forming, metalizing and decorating.


Minimize manufacturing material waste. Since you must often dispose of items such as oil, solvents and acids, take steps to minimize your use of them – use fewer solvents to do the same job, use less toxic solvents and switch to a detergent solution.