The Problems with Plastics Made from Oil and Food

Oil-based plastics have their share of problems.

Oil prices are skyrocketing. Demand continues to force uneasy relationships with unstable nations. Government regulations on fossil fuels are growing stricter. Health concerns are spreading about plastics food packaging. And consumers are wising up to all of it.

But are the alternatives any better? Traditional bioresins such as corn- and sugar-based plastics compete for raw material against the food supply—a questionable path at a time when billions of people still go hungry around the world. Meanwhile, corn and sugar require too much land and water to harvest. And without costly new equipment, plastics from many bioresin manufactures create processing headaches due to heat sensitivity.

Finally, there’s a clear alternative: Naturacell®, a versatile, attractive, no petroleum plastic that doesn’t rely on oil or food as its base material.

Discover more about the sustainable process of making Naturacell, and find out how much easier it is to work with than other bioresins.